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A 'taste of Japan' in your life

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Kimono-Asobi Ume (NA-6)



Black with bright red, resembling the beautiful glossiness of a kimono. Being of a standard color, they suit perfectly with every kind of outfits, from western clothes, to kimono, to yukata. 6cm heal.


Size option: SS (21-21.5cm), S (22-22.5cm), M (23-23.5cm), L (24-24.5cm), LL (25-25.5cm)

Insteps are held firmly by wide and soft straps. Thanks to the comfortable foot supports that give you a sense of stability, it is really easy to walk with them. The wooden support was maintained into its natural color, in order to keep the wood grains. You can enjoy the unique character of every item. They are comfortable even in summer, when you usually sweat even with barefeet. Thanks to a unique curve designed to fit the irregularity of the foot sole, they fit really well your feet. One of the strong points is that the upper part is made in order to not to slip or to hurt, so that even if you walk for long time you will hardly get tired.

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